How it works?

Here is what you should expect to happen once you signup with CaptainPanel

Understanding your business
In-depth company profiling.
This first step is crucial. The better we know your business and your goals, the more impactful our partnership will be. We optimise our time with you to ensure we have a full picture of your unique business, customers, operations, and market dynamics.
Your growth objectives and challenges
We analyze, troubleshoot and plan ahead.
We will create a ‘growth strategy’ for your business. This plan leverages our in-depth understanding of water activity operators specific challenges and opportunities. We will then help you bring this plan to life - growing your business.
In-person training
We’re ready to train you at your own pace.
If you need help, we’ll send you a team. That’s right, we will send a team, in-person, to help. Our bespoke one-to-one sessions can be scheduled to suit your agenda.
Software integration
Software integration across your sales platforms
Our goal: complete multi-channel interconnectivity.
Your entire team, service providers, marketing, and sales agents will all be connected to the same straightforward cloud-synced system. Live updates, instant access to reservations, payment gateways or client inquiries will each come-together to grow your company.
Website rebuild or refresh
We bring your website up to date.
We’ll discuss your goals and how to recreate your website in order to attain more satisfied customers and keep up with the industry standards. Then we will create a new or refreshed site to optimise your business potential.
Website rebuild
SEO audit and conversion optimization
We boost your search engine rankings up high.
You need a strong, consistent plan to optimize your website’s performance and visibility in search engines like Chrome. Based on the results of our SEO audit results, we will improve your website’s ranking across the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
Ongoing business and technical consultancy
Above and beyond software solutions. We are your business advisor.
The minute you engage us in a partnership, you’re guaranteed full access to our team’s valuable expertise and advanced online marketing consultancy. The all-inclusive support and services we offer are designed to allow you to concentrate more on your business.
Your success is our priority.
Join CaptainPanel today!