Success Stories Don
Captain Don Franklin
Sole-man Sportfishing Center
"CaptainPanel has made my life a lot less stressful as well as made my business more successful. I would highly recommend them to any fishing charter."
60% revenue growth in one year

With 40 years of fishing experience, over 14 of which he owned his own fishing charter boat, Captain Don Franklin had dedicated most of his life to growing his business as the owner of Sole-man Sportfishing in San Francisco, California. Despite the success of his charter, Don didn’t restrict his vast knowledge of his trade to paying customers, but also reached out to his local community where he donated a number of charity trips, fundraising trips and free fishing classes free of charge.

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Chris Vann
Captain Chris Vann
Jax Boat Rentals
“CaptainPanel software made our services easily and globally accessible. The online booking tools helped us maximize our efficiency, minimized pen-and-paper errors, and allowed our customers, with a few clicks, to take control of planning their experience. In a world moving towards easy, fast and reliable digital services CaptainPanel allowed us to meet our clients’ expectations and helped our business thrive”.
JAX Boat Rentals Success Story

Chris was in the United States Marine Corps in the 1990s. He later worked in the delivery service for Budweiser then shifted to working in car sales with Chrysler. When his friend inspired him to sell boats, Chris’ enthusiasm for boating was ignited. That little spark turned into a full-blown passion as Chris transitioned from selling boats to owning a boat dealership and transporting boats throughout the world. Chris is now focused on operating Jax Boat Rentals; a boat rental business in Jacksonville.

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Success Stories Jose
Captain Jose Manuel
Fuengirola Nautic
"It’s hard to believe that a booking software can generate within 8 months more outstanding results than 5 years of hard work. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for me and my team!"
Fuengirola Nautic doubled their business in less than one year

Launched in 2012, Fuengirola Nautic is one of the highest end boat rental companies in Fuengirola, Spain, specialized in creating unique nautical experiences. From private boat rentals, jet ski rentals, boat trips or private parties to exciting water sports adventures, the owner Jose Manuel and his team are dedicated to offering innovative experiences and premium services. One thing was keeping them away from upscaling - the booking software or lack of thereof, which was a combination of manual reservations (by email or phone).

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Husam Tarek
Husam Tarek
Nemo Diving Center
"The CaptainPanel booking software has allowed us to develop our diving center. The invoicing feature, in particular, helped our team close more leads faster."
30% business growth

Prior to the introduction of the CaptainPanel online booking and invoicing solution, it was impossible to keep an up-to-date record of daily bookings, bills and payments. The NEMO Diving Center was looking for a system that would painlessly help the team manage all of the above, remotely, from any portable device. The system also had to be smart and responsive enough to allow instant data synchronization across all channels, in order to avoid double bookings.

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Sergio Susarrey
Sergio Susarrey
Fisherman in Sergio's Sportfishing Center
"I could tell the CaptainPanel guys knew their technology and knew their fishing immediately"
Best year since establishment

Sergio Susarrey grew up a local passionate fisherman in Ensenada, Mexico. He turned this passion into the largest fishing operation in Ensenada. This year Sergio celebrated 20 years of operating Sergio’s Sportfishing, Ensenada’s largest fishing fleet, with unprecedented growth!

Sergio’s Sportfishing is an established business with over 30 boats, and charters other captain’s boats as well. Sergio was running his 30 boats plus chartering other boats using pen and paper, which was chaotic and limiting. After meeting and discussing fishing and his operations it was clear that Sergio has an established business, but was at a crossroads regarding growth. Sergio mentioned several of the challenges he faces on a daily basis including; Not reaching his full target market through his current website, losing customer info from pen and paper bookings, and not being able to process all credit card payments from the US.

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