CaptainPanel for water sports

Why do water sports businesses need a special software?

Businesses built around water sports like water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, rafting must always be up to date with the ultimate boat tours, rentals and adrenaline-filled activities. In order to be equally attractive for both tourists and locals, they have to offer the best services, paired with speedy online reservations capabilities. Tracking all equipment, managing dynamic customized booking, multiple packages plus invoicing, add-ons, extra costs – it all seems daunting.

From short island-hopping tours to action-packed days, water sport companies need a software solution that provides smooth online booking, updated website, synced calendars with all boats, tours, and gear available, hassle-free payments and many more.

What sets CaptainPanel apart from other solutions?

Starting from a “built by captains for captains” mentality, we’ve taken our field observations and customer feedback one step further. This is how CaptainPanel became a complete customer-centric software solution specialized in:

  • Flexible booking options and water-activity gear rental
  • Customized invoicing features
  • Efficient online tracking and management of devices/equipment
  • Quick set up and real-time payment processing
  • Smooth booking experiences, paired with smart online branding integration
  • Live cross-channel synchronization to avoid double booking or errors

Using automation to improve your operations will reduce costs, increase sales and improve productivity.

Top three features for water sports
  • Short period packages

    If you offer a full range of water-based activities, CaptainPanel’s specialized packages tool supports even short period trips.

  • Combined packages

    A dynamic feature that lives up to the highest levels of flexibility. Thrilling rides alone or in pair, jet skiing and parasailing.

  • Powerful add-ons

    Enjoy the simplicity of automated, fully integrated cloud-based booking that includes both Optional and Mandatory Add-ons.

Your success is our priority.
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