CaptainPanel for sailing charters and boat rentals

Why do sailing charters and boat rentals need specific software?

Operators who work with us want to surpass customer expectations, increase their performance and fine tune their services availability rate. They also require the ability to lease their fleet out for an hour, a day or for a week as well as providing a combination of packages and prices. Here is how our software achieves this:

  • Advanced fleet management that includes both a booking and a maintenance calendar
  • Flexible pricing tools, based on multiple variables
  • Efficient set up and real-time processing of charges, payment deposits or extra costs
  • Fast booking experience, with user-friendly interface
  • Real-time sync across multiple channels or booking platforms to avoid double booking

What sets CaptainPanel apart from other solutions?

The “built by captains for captains” tagline sums up our continuous efforts to eliminate glitches, frustrations, and challenges known only by water industry insiders. Fueled by the active desire to empower sailing charters and boat rentals with up-to-date technology, our progressive suite of business features is 100% customizable for sailing charters and boat rental companies. An all-inclusive software solution ready to help captains and their dynamic boat staff with:

  • Fast booking software and full calendar
  • Efficient payment processing system
  • Website and online marketing channels

All these services are accessible anytime, anywhere, from any handheld device or desktop.

Success Stories Jose
Captain Jose Manuel
Fuengirola Nautic
In eight months this software generated more outstanding results than five years of hard work. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me and my team.
Fuengirola Nautic doubled their business in less than one year

Launched in 2012, Fuengirola Nautic is one of the highest end boat rental companies in Fuengirola, Spain, specialized in creating unique nautical experiences. From private boat rentals, jet ski rentals, boat trips or private parties to exciting water sports adventures, the owner Jose Manuel and his team are dedicated to offering innovative experiences and premium services. One thing was keeping them away from upscaling - the booking software or lack of thereof, which was a combination of manual reservations (by email or phone).

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Top four features for boat rentals
  • Flexible boats packages

    Create your packages and set your boat prices per hour or per full trip. Offer private or shared trips.

  • Captains management

    All information on boats, trips, and staff is constantly updated in one comprehensive dashboard.

  • Detailed reporting

    Keep a 360-degree view of activity statistics to see what makes your boat rental business tick. Also easy to export.

  • Custom terms and policies

    A feature developed to reflect a dynamic set of service agreements that can be easily compiled, personalized or edited by rental companies staff and boat captains at their own convenience. Online. On the cloud. Aligned with the most recent digital data privacy rules.

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