CaptainPanel for fishing charters

Why do fishing charters need specific software?

Most fishing charter companies are a one-man show or a family-owned business. With limited time and resources at hand, they need a flexible online system that ticks many industry-specific boxes. Here is a list of services we manage for you:

  • Synchronizing office bookings with online bookings in real time
  • Eliminating the risk of double bookings
  • Running the business from any device connected to the internet
  • Having an always-updated view over bookings

How we became a trusted partner for fishing charter companies?

The first version of CaptainPanel was built specifically for fishing charter companies. We adopted a “quality over quantity” approach. We focused on select clients, companies with good reputations and high ethical standards. Using a data led approach we built a precise multi-disciplinary workflow and software solution.

What sets CaptainPanel technology apart from other solutions?

We offer a unique 360° suite of progressive business features, customized for water sports companies. Our end-to-end solution enables teams and individual owners to control:

  • Booking software and calendar
  • Payment processing system
  • Website and online marketing channels

All of the above - accessible in one go, from any mobile device or desktop, from the privacy of their couch or while at sea.

Success Stories Don
Captain Don Franklin
Sole-man Sportfishing Center
"CaptainPanel has made my life a lot less stressful as well as made my business more successful. I would highly recommend them to any fishing charter."
60% revenue growth in one year

With 40 years of fishing experience, over 14 of which he owned his own fishing charter boat, Captain Don Franklin had dedicated most of his life to growing his business as the owner of Sole-man Sportfishing in San Francisco, California. Despite the success of his charter, Don didn’t restrict his vast knowledge of his trade to paying customers, but also reached out to his local community where he donated a number of charity trips, fundraising trips and free fishing classes free of charge.

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Top four features for fishing charters
  • Private/Shared trips

    You can created shared or private trips with the price set per person or for the entire charter.

  • Multiple day trips

    Managing overnight or multiple day trips is one of the biggest challenges for some charter owners. Many charter companies offer early morning trips (starts at 5am or 6am) at the same time they offer overnight trips that start 9pm and ends at 6pm. CaptainPanel is built to handle this complexity, showing your clients the correct available packages and blocking the trips that overlap with existing bookings.

  • Powerful add-ons

    We provide both ‘optional Add-ons’ and ‘Required Add-ons’. For the latter, you can even choose the pricing model you prefer (Per Booking, Per passenger, Per Adults/Kids).

  • Fishing reports

    After a trip you can upload your fish count and have a fishing report ready in minutes. You can share the fishing report in your website and social media all with one click.

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