CaptainPanel for diving centers

Why do diving centers need specific software?

A scuba company is an exciting challenge and, as much as dive shop owners enjoy a unique lifestyle, they also face unparalleled difficulties when running day-to-day operations. To keep up the high-quality services, diving businesses must adopt an efficient and profitable system that reduces the admin struggle and unifies their online and offline operations.

The software should be able to handle multiple types of bookings in a simple and easy way. CaptainPanel is a consolidated, complete software solution for diving businesses of any size.

What sets CaptainPanel apart from other solutions?

Following our “built by captains for captains” approach, we’ve tapped into our field observations and customer feedback data pool and turned them into an end-to-end software solution specialized in:

  • Advanced booking options for shared or private scuba diving trips, diving lessons or diving gear rentals
  • Flexible pricing and invoicing features that allow in-depth customization of time, charges, locations, availability
  • Quick set up. Real-time processing of charges, payment deposits or extra costs
  • Streamlined booking experience. User-friendly design. Responsive interface
  • Live multi-channel synchronization to avoid double booking or scuba gear rental errors

All these cloud powerhouses are accessible anytime, anywhere, from any handheld device or desktop.

Husam Tarek
Husam Tarek
Nemo Diving Center
"The CaptainPanel booking software has allowed us to develop our diving center. The invoicing feature, in particular, helped our team close more leads faster."
30% business growth

Prior to the introduction of the CaptainPanel online booking and invoicing solution, it was impossible to keep an up-to-date record of daily bookings, bills and payments. The NEMO Diving Center was looking for a system that would painlessly help the team manage all of the above, remotely, from any portable device. The system also had to be smart and responsive enough to allow instant data synchronization across all channels, in order to avoid double bookings.

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Top four features for diving centers
  • Diving courses

    Every diving center provides a set of diving courses and lectures. The CaptainPanel integration offers the flexibility of customizing training schedules.

  • Diving trips

    With CaptainPanel’s Inventory Management tool, renting and selling happens as you go, fully streamlined online and offline.

  • Add-ons

    We’ve made diving trips fully responsive to complex needs and now you can offer both shared and private scuba adventures.

  • Effortless invoices

    Our dynamic invoicing feature lands you the freedom to charge any service or item you offer, online, offline, at sea or on the shore. Fast, intuitive, cloud-based. No mess, no endless data entry to deal with. Plus, it’s an opportunity to reduce paperwork.

Your success is our priority.
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